Our Services


We provide end-to-end data science support, including project scoping, data collection, statistical analysis and modeling; deployment and maintenance. Whether you need to improve your KPIs dashboards, or develop advanced forecasting models to optimize your business processes, our data science as a service can help you achieve your goals.


Are you struggling with making data-driven decisions within your organization? We offer a wide range of training options (online or on-site), from foundational skills such as data literacy and data governance to advanced topics such as data storytelling and machine learning. Do reach out to discuss options!

Responsible AI

Are you concerned about the potential harms and risks your digital product may have on your users and clients? We support organizations in understanding and implementing responsible AI practices in their products and services. Not sure how to get started and whether this is relevant to your business? Let's have a chat over a coffee!


Hinda Haned, Founder

For more than 10 years Amsterdam-based Data science expert, Hinda Haned has been working with global companies to help build data science capabilities that deliver business value. She has been leading the design, development and deployment of data analytics products, as well as creating training programs around data and digital literacy for companies and public institutions. For instance, she has worked for retailer Ahold Delhaize, Johnson & Johnson, Circus Street, and the University of Amsterdam.


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